What is FOXi?

FOXi is a digital Aggregator, in the form of a Mobile App for the boat owner and for the boat renters, which enables boat owners and boat renters to freely interact with each other, anytime, anywhere.

FOXi is "your personal marine guide." We tried to give you the opportunity to plunge into the real sea world, where there are no barriers.

We have made available millions of boats, jet skis, kayaks, sailboats and cruise yachts.

Thousands of boat owners who want to make money on their boats can join the team of FOXi captains for free and go on the water, and boat renters can join the FOXi Pirates club to choose their time out of the thousands of boats.

FOXi has made available to millions of kayaks, jet skis, motorboats, sailboats or cruise yachts scattered around the world, at any time, as well as you can get additional services: fishing, dinner or arrange a BBQ catch you caught.

FOXi - provides boat owners the opportunity to earn by renting to verified and qualified boat renters additional money that is useful in order to cover the costs associated with owning the boat, as well as additional money in your pocket and additionally receive points from FOXi that boat owners can use for technical service, gas stations and so on for your boat.

FOXi is not just a boring Mobile App to rent a boat, it is a game of “Pirates”. FOXi gives you the opportunity to feel like a “Pirate” and will give you the opportunity to conquer boats in the game world. With each rent (we will call it “Boarding”) the boat renter (we call it “Pirate”) receives a reward. The reward is the “FOXi” coins that the “Pirate” can spend in the store (we call it “Treasury”). Coins are converted from received stars, which were awarded to the “Pirate” by the “Captain” of the captured boat (rented boat). Stars is the rating given by the “Captain” to the “Pirate”. Also, "Pirate" gives an estimate of "Captain" in the form of the number of stars (in our case, it is from one star to five stars). The stars for the “Captain” also turn into “FOXi” coins, which will help the “Captain” pay in repair docks for parking marinas, as well as fuel their boat.

Security is our main component. We implement everything necessary to ensure the safety of boat tenants and boat captains. Each trip should go very smoothly for everyone. We have developed and improved the “Foxhole” location recognition system, which is built into the mobile application. “Foxhole” helps you find the services you need in the event of an emergency that threatens your safety. Our specialists will respond urgently and will be able to provide immediate assistance in a timely manner.

Each boat rental includes comprehensive insurance coverage of the boat hull and civil liability, boat towing by water.

With FOXi will look after your safety while you enjoy a sea adventure.

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