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Join the team of Captains FOXi

Joining the FOXi Captains team is very simple, you just need to be the owner:

1. KAYAK OR PEDAL BOARD (one local, two local)

2. JET SKI (one local, two locals, three local)

3. MOTORBOAT (the length of the vessel does not exceed 25 feet, has one engine)

4. SAILBOARD (ship length up to 60 feet)

5. CRUISE YACHT (vessel length from 25 to 72 feet)


 or by the captain of the vessel on the guarantee of the owner of the vessel:


What you must provide in order to join the team of Captains of FOXi


1. Download the FOXi owner boat mobile application

2. Fill out the registration form for the owner of the vessel (Full Name, date of birth, address of the owner, phone, email)

3. Take a photo ID or driver’s license

4. If necessary, provide the Captain's License for the right to control the vessel.

You are halfway to join the FOXi team.


Now you need your boat data:


1. Boat brand

2. Model boat

3. Year of manufacture of the boat

4. Boat length

5. Boat hull identification number (HIN)




All boats must meet the following requirements in order to obtain the approval of our insurance partner:


1. Vessels may not exceed 50 miles per hour.

2. Have more than two outboards

3. Ships cannot be changed in any way that is not approved by the manufacturer.

4. Ships must have valid insurance.

5. Ships must have a valid registration

6. Necessary Federal Licenses.

If you are covered by the Peer-to-Peer GEICO BoatUS, you must also provide the name of your leisure insurance provider. Our insurance partner may require additional documentation if your boat falls into one of the following categories:


1. The cost of the boat exceeds $ 250,000

2. Boat length exceeds 45 feet

3. Boats with speeds of over 50 miles per hour

4. Boats with more than Two outboards

5. Boats made of carbon fiber, wood or ferro-cement, as well as boats with a carbon or Kevlar mast


Commercial Boat Requirements

Boat owners, using their own commercial policies, certify that the boat / company complies with all USCG standards and rules, as well as minimum insurance requirements. Owners using their own commercial policies may be required to provide a copy of the insurance declaration page for verification.

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