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The following is an explanation of all current fees charged or, in the event of late payment, that FOXi may impose in connection with a transaction through its Services. Failure to collect any of the fees listed below does not constitute a waiver of the right to charge at any given time. All fees included in this policy are subject to change.


The amount FOXi will list in the Listing as the rental rate associated with the Boat.


A service fee is charged on each rental to facilitate the transaction. A service charge applies to the price shown on the Listing before any coupons or credits are applied to the final invoice and is non-refundable. This fee helps FOXi provide a safer, more secure booking process and dedicated customer support throughout your charter.


You will earn between 65% and 90% of the list price depending on your boat and insurance plan.


FOXi will charge a processing fee for any additional payments processed on behalf of the owner or tenant. This includes paying for fuel, damage / security deposit or other miscellaneous expenses. The current handling fee is 2.7% + $ 0.55 per transaction.


FOXi reserves the right to charge an additional $ 30 administration fee for issues such as chargebacks, disputes, or late fees. This is determined on an individual basis.


If the Lessee returns the boat after the agreed end time of the lease or arrives late for the start of the lease, a delay penalty may be charged. This late payment penalty is calculated by combining a one-time administration fee of $ 30.00 plus prorated hourly rent (based on the daily rental rate of the rented boat) plus applicable insurance fees.


If the Boat Owner does not appear to meet the Tenant and deliver the Boat to the Tenant at the agreed start time of the lease, or if the Boat is in an unacceptable condition, the boatmaster will consider this as a refusal by the Owner and may charge the Owner. up to $ 200 for no-show.



If the Tenant does not show up within one hour after the agreed start time, the Owner has the right to cancel the lease. FOXi will treat this as a failure by the Tenant. The complete cancellation policy can be found here.


In the event of non-compliance with the Owner's fuel policy, the boatmaster will charge the Lessee for the replacement fuel as well as a standard $ 30 administration fee.


A minimum of $ 50 will be withheld for each rental as collateral. The Owners reserve the right to charge a higher deposit that will be held on the Tenant's credit card to cover any unexpected damage or lost property. The credit card delay will be charged 72 hours after the end of the rental period if no dispute or claim has been filed. If the claim is filed by the Owner, the security deposit will be fixed and held until the claim is resolved. If the boatman cannot obtain a deposit prior to the rental, the rental may be canceled.

In the event of a claim, the Lessee's security deposit will be withheld to pay the insurance deductible, damages and fees. Any unused portion of the security deposit will be returned to the Tenant upon completion of the claims process.

* The cost of rent or commercial services is subject to change at any time.


FOXi reserves the right to charge a $ 15 return fee from both Tenant and Owner, depending on the type of chargeback. In addition, Owners are 100% responsible for any disputed or returned amount. When a chargeback occurs, FOXi will cease paying the rent until the chargeback is settled. In a situation where the Owner has already received the chargeback related payment, FOXi will collect the chargeback amount from the Owner's bank account and keep this amount in escrow until a chargeback decision is made. If the chargeback is won, FOXi will refund the amount back to the Owner minus a $ 15 administration fee. If the chargeback is lost, the money will not be refunded and used for a refund. In this case, both the boatmaster and the shipowner lose, which makes it even more important to thoroughly check for fraudsters.

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