Why the pirates? You say ....

FOXi immerses you in the world of sea adventures, and what sea adventure without pirates? And so, are you ready to rent or take a water taxi using FOXi? Well then, you are ready to take on Boarding !!!
Ok, everything is very simple .... Download the Mobile App in your mobile application store, spend five minutes registering and that’s all, you are ready for adventure.
I will tell you about the pirate ranks that you need to achieve in order to become a pirate captain. Each pirate rank achieved gives you the opportunity to open a treasure chest. And remember, the more you conquer the ships (kayak, jet ski, boat, sailboat and cruise yacht) you get stars from the conquered captain of the ship and you are dedicated to a new position.

Gunpowder monkey


For the first time this "post", if it can be called such, appeared on the British Navy. Gunpowder monkeys were called boys aged 11-14 nailed to the weapons team of the ship. For the pirates, it was mainly the boys from the colonies who were abducted or lured to the ship, although there were cases when a teenager could go to the pirates himself. These boys had to be strong and dexterous enough to stay in the team and be useful. They were of a lower rank than the young, and were engaged in various routine work — cleaning weapons, ship’s premises, in a word, simply “errand boys” for all officers, including junior ones. Thanks to their dexterity, the pirates used them to search for various ship caches. On land, they were good scouts, few people would be suspicious of the sight of a poor port boy. Again, it was they who most often escaped from a dying ship, due to the fact that they were taken aboard the ship - speed, agility and sneak. As a rule, any newcomer to the ship, regardless of age, became a powder monkey. They were the cheapest and inept sailors.

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